Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Fun day at the Pool:)

We went to see my parents again on Monday:) They had my dad's sister and husband visiting... so we went up to see them and spend the day at the pool:) BUT... I forgot my camera.... :groan:

So I used my mother's camera to get a very few pictures. And to get Chris doing a canon ball off the divingboard... seriously, the child has NO fear! And he is ALL over the pool:)

The girls take a little longer to warm-up to the water. In no time Anna was jumping into the shallow end with NO waterwings. By the end of our afternoon at the pool, Anna was sticking her head under the water trying to swim:) She's sooo close!!! Grammie is already hoping we can make a few more visits so Anna will be swimming by the end of the summer:)

Lydia got brave, too, by jumping off the divingboard in Daddy's arms:) We don't think she liked it:) The highlight of trip for her was seeing and holding Hannah Grace again. She loves holding Hannah Grace and I so do I:) Hannah Grace is such a doll baby:)

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Jenny said...

You are right Christopher has no fear! Cute pictures and video. My daughter is mostly fearless, but she wouldn't be able to jump into a pool.