Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lighthouse and Waves

We ventured to the beach today. The kids were sooo excited to be going back to the beach!!! And when we mentioned being able to see a lighthouse, they were even more excited (gotta love PBSkids and library books)!!

So we did get to see one of NC's most famous lighthouses!! And take pics... of course:)

After a quick lunch in the cool van (I'll have to show the pics of us "van-icking") we hit the beach with our friends. I was soo surprised how quickly Anna and Caleb were in the water.... jumping over waves and splashing one another:)

Christopher played in the sand the ENTIRE time... that boy LOVES sand and dirt!! And then there was my "little" girl deciding how close to the water she was going to venture today:)
I was thankful that we took the day to spend at the beach. It's pretty easy right now for all of us to pack up, jump in the van and go. And we are really, really hoping to take a couple of days in the early fall to visit more of the Outer Banks and lighthouses....

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Jenny said...

It looks like you all had a great time!