Thursday, August 20, 2009

Totally Lovin' Anna's Hair & Locks of Love

I have LOVED Anna's new haircut!!! It's been sooooo easy to care for, even when we blowdry and flat iron it:)While I wish I was MORE creative in doing different styles, I have enjoyed trying some things I wish looked right in my own hair;)

This was one that worked soo well Sunday morning... I thought it was soo cute:) And Anna did too:)

Anna's Lock of Love donation was sent in last week. While Anna will tell you that she donated her hair to Locks of Love for "a little girl"... I don't think she has any concept of the sickness that some of these children recipents face. But I am thankful that Anna was willing to "help" someone else.

A church member mentioned a song by Randy Owen called "Braid My Hair"... I found it on A family documented their own child's struggle with cancer and then used this song to make a slideshow...


Bunch of Barrons said...

That's so sweet! :) How thoughtful of her to do that for someone else.

Jessica D. said...

oh my, thats a lot of hair. New new do is cute and cool for summer.