Friday, August 7, 2009

Hooked On Friday: Price Matching

After a few weeks of putting coupons to the "side" during VBS, I have really been trying to better keep up with sales and coupons. And while I LONG to go into each store to pick up a few deals at each, it's NOT always realistic.... especially when I have all three kids with me (they can only be dragged in/out of the van and stores soo many times.... me tooo)!

One thing I have started to use more is "price/ad matching"... just due to conveinece for us, being able to get some of the area sales at one store. EVen though I'd LOVE to give the smaller stores the business.... and I usually do when they have store coupons, good meat deals or when Brian can sit a few minutes in the car with the kids:)

I'll use yesterday as the example. Before going to the store, I flipped through the online Food Lion ad... so on the way to Walmart, I stopped and grabbed the sale flyer at Food Lion. And while shopping a did a few price comparisons and matched some coupons to the Food Lion sale.

One the BEST deals was for Ball Park Meat hot dogs. Food Lion had then on sale for BOGO with the original price being over $3 each. My Walmart uses THEIR price when they match BOGOs.... so their price on Ball Park was $2 each. BOGO means I got the 2 packs of hot dogs for $2. Then I had a "$1 off 2 packs" coupon.... bringing BOTH packs of hot dogs for $1 or 50 cents each!!! Pretty nice for our plans to have a hot dog cookout this weekend.

Oh, there is a little advice. I always have them ring up the "price matched" items first!! It's good to get all the confusion done first. And occasionally you have to surrender your flyer or a piece of Brian did the deal again in the afternoon and came back with the piece of the flyer missing. I think they use it for documentation!

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Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Good idea. We are in a small town and so the two grocery stores and the dreaded Walmart all three match the other stores prices! I love it!
Happy weekend,

Kelly said...

Great post and very inspiring. I used to be so much better but have not find the time lately to coupon clip. If you can do it with three little ones then I should be able to with just one toddler!

Cristin said...

very inspiring. I need to take the time to clip coupons too.