Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Sentences

Here are some our silly conversations... and I have pictures to match:)

Chores Short-cut
Anna can verbally list all 7 of her chores. This week I was asking her which she had completed hoping to encourage her to finish the rest. She listed all except "making my bed". So I asked her, "Did you make your bed?"

She answered, "No, but I don't have to because I sleep on top so the sheets don't get all messy." LOL

Christopher came walking into the dining room yesterday with his pockets filled;) He came up to me and said ," hey Mom. Look at my pocketbooks."

I was schooling Anna at the time so I initial just heard him. LOL... it was funny then to see his pockets filled with books!


Jenny said...

So cute. I actually remember sleeping on top of my blankets so I didn't have to make the bed either! LOL!

Jenny said...

Oh and I'm loving Anna's new hair cut!