Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why... In Everything?

So we changed the title of my blog from "Fruit of the Womb" to "In Everything" some time last week. I have wanted to share for some time WHY I wanted to have it changed.

I've shared that before that we've been trying to have another child. Every time I looked at the blog title it was a constant reminder. Now, I know that verse means "fruit from the womb"... being the 3 sweet, busy little blessings I get to care for everyday.... but over the last few weeks I have realized that my desire to have more children had become a VERY misplaced goal! And that I need to change my goals (and be surrounded by things that encourage this change).

My focus should be on the Lord Jesus Christ. I should be daily striving to know Him more, to serve Him more, to worship Him more, to teach my children about the Lord, to care for my family, to encourage my friends and family in their own walks.... I should be UPWARD and then OUTWARD focused!!

One way I can ward against being INWARD focused (discontent, complaining, frustrated) is to be THANKFUL to the Lord in every situation. Um, I don't expect this to be easy.... but having the simple Ephesians 4:20 verse hidden in my heart helps. I have found myself taking a deep breathe, thinking, "In everything give thanks" and praying Help me Lord to be thankful and have the right heart.

One kind of silly situation this week was when I broke one of our bowls (from our dining dish set). I'm sure I initially felt a little frustrated but then I remembered the verse and prayed "Thank you Lord for the other 7 bowls from this set and that we've only broken one in 7 years!!" LOL

Thankfulness gives us perspective of the bigger picture. We have sooo many simple "creature comforts" that we totally take for granted. We're inward focused and don't even consider thanking God for what He already given us. We complain way too often about things that can't be remedied with our words and we miss simple opportunities to thank God.

I WANT to thank God in everything! I want to be focused on Him and reaching out to serve. It is my prayer that I become more like Him by intentionally trying to be UPWARD focused and thankful.


Ashley said...

I love it! Such a great reminder for all of us.

Ellen said...

Thank you. This is the first time I've dropped by - and there was a reason for it! On Sunday I attending a friend's church (mostly for the reason that they have childcare during the summer & my DH had a course so couldn't attend) and the message really spoke to me personally. I am trying put God first and let Him lead me, one day at a time - your post was a reminder to me (I'm really trying to be an all week Christian, not just a Sunday one, lol) - thank you again!!

Jenny said...

It's perfect. I also like your new design.