Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Choose to Praise

A couple of months ago in the car alone... I broke down. I had a hard task before me, one that I had thought I was "over". But in those tears and frustration I realized I only started the journey and many hard days and times were ahead.

So back to the teary car trip by myself, dreading the stop I had to make, I had the radio on.... and it wasn't kiddie songs this time:) I was listening to a Christian radio station and at that moment the PERFECT song "for me at that time" came on. I cried through the rest of the trip, but I had some of the truth of the song with me (but forgetting the name or artist).

For MONTHS now I everytime I turned on the radio I hoped the song would come on again.... and it did this afternoon while I made lunch. Here it is from YouTube.....

I found comfort the first time I heard it... I kept with me that I would make it through the storm, not because who I was (or what emotional condition I was in) but who God is. Applying the truth one of my favorite set of verses in Psalm 121 which is embedded in the song!

Interestingly, when I heard it today (now numerous times on youtube) I have kept with me that in difficult (or emotional) times I need to make a conscience choice to praise God through the storm instead of throw myself a pitiful "pity party". I know what God requires of me and I know the blessings and peace He alone can provide through "the storms" of life.

Let me also throw this out there... it's been on my heart a while. After mentioning some of my own struggles, I have been confronted over and over with others' more challenging, heartwrenching and stressful "storms" than my own. Looking around I see soo much more heartache and sickness than my little "storm" could ever muster....

So I am choosing to praise God for who He is, even in the little "storm" in my own life. And I am praying for the sweet saints that I personally know who are facing much greater "storms" in their own lives. May we praise God together and ask for His comfort and healing!

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Stacey said...

I love that song too. I think it was pretty new when my brother and sister-in-law miscarried their first child. My brother and I sang it in church shortly after that.

I hope you can continue to find peace.