Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pictures of Our Birthday Day-trip

Well my little family did bring me to see my parents, sister and niece Monday. We had a full day from beach, taking pictures, getting my haircut, swimming, eating, Rita's and driving home!! We had a great time celebrating my 30th (is it possible???) birthday!!

My little beach BUG playing on the beach playground! Whoever thought of building a playground at the beach was a genius:)

We hoped to get some beach pictures of Hannah.... it was really too bright, so we made/found shade and tried to get a few pictures of her.

Here are our sweet girls. All cute sitting together on the beach rocking chair:)

My Beach Boys!

We did some more Hannah pics at the house after Hannah had a full belly and a good nap:) She's precious!

We all enjoyed a meal in Mom and Dad's "make-shift" kitchen. I'd go into why they have a "make-shift" kitchen, but in days they will be back into the main part of the house!! Anyway, thought we'd take a pic of our last meal in the "upstairs kitchen".
Before we embarked on the trip back home we had my cupcakes and Rita's Italian Ice at Ritas!! Lydia had been asking for cupcakes ALL DAY.... so she helped herself right away:) And they sang Happy Birthday to me... how embarrassing!

We had a GREAT time. Thank you to my sweet family for getting out of bed soo early and keeping in the van on the way home. And thanks to Brian for his flexibility... letting me sneak away a couple of times with Mom and Jaclyn. Thanks to Jaclyn for the "trim" LOL and for coming along with us and feeding my product dependency (haha haa). Mom and Dad, thanks for a great day and a yummy dinner:)

And thanks to my extended family for the cards, calls and birthday wishes!!

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Drea said...

I think brian should grow his beard HAHA, it does look nice I think! from the photos any way :)

I like the photo of the kids in the cameras fae and u all in the background :)