Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Beard Decision

A couple of days ago, we asked for your opinions on the beard.... I think Brian was a little surprised by all the comments... so thanks:)
He lasted through church and then all day visiting with my folks on Monday. As we were leaving the beard conversation came up. My dad said EXACTLY what I thought he'd say and then my sister piped in...... LOL, ahhaaaa, LOL... so funny!!!

Before I share her opinion, I need to share one of the notable conversations of the day. We were talking about when Brian first came to meet my family when we started dating. We reminded my sister of what she said the 1st time she met Brian!!! She said, "Yep, your just as nerdy as someone should be who would be dating my sister." LOL... this time she immediately said she was young and didn't realize how rude it was.... I was just glad that I had WARNED him about her before their 1st meeting:)

OK, so that is what my sister thought of him then..... well this is what she said about the beard, "This is the most I've ever been attracted to your husband. I'd venture to say that he is almost 'sexy'... like Matthew McConaughey."
She went on about how clean shaven he kept the beard and that it highlighted his "chiseled chin". But I think we were still in tears over the 1st sentence of her opinion!!
Well I'm not sure what Brian based his beard decision on... maybe as a way to ward off his sister-in-law! The beard came off Tuesday morning :( I was a little disappointed... I had started to get use to it and I did like it on him!!! Although, his smooth face is very nice, too:)


Jenny said...

That is hilarious!

Erica said...

I just saw the original post, and until I read all that I was going to say keep it on, mr. scruffy.

but after seeing that ordeal, well, I have to say I don't blame him!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!