Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday at the Park

On Saturday we visited a local park... this Park had it all:)
High Slides!

Rocker thingy:)

More Sliding

Goats who really wanted grass and some attention:)

Great Bridges for walking
Even snakes!!!! Yikes!!!
(not sure what kind it was but THIS was close enough!)
Peaceful, Quiet Scenes!!
I would have just parked a lawn chair and sat watching the peaceful creek &
listening to all the birds! So peaceful.

And Daddy-rides for tired feet!

We did have a great time at the park. I've been a little hesitant to go to this park more just because the equipment isn't that great... but between the trails, animals, available restrooms, shady trees for a lunch spot and an open lawn for Grammie and Pey's game... we had a FULL day!!

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Drea said...

yikes thats a rough looking snake.. travis would of freaked