Monday, April 6, 2009

A Beautiful END to the Rain

I know we've had a few pretty days inbetween the rainy spring days... but it seems like the RAIN has been constant. We needed it! I know we did!! But as a mommy with three kids who LOVE being outside.... we are ready for the rain to end (just a little break... please)!!

So after a morning and early afternoon of RAIN... we finally got a break in the clouds and we found a RAINBOW!! Notice the dark rainy clouds heading away:)

Here it is again with a little editting... looks like a bright blue sky... good 'ole editting:)

There is a kiddie rhyme about the April weather though... it goes," April's showers brings May's flowers."

It seems like the flowers, trees and gardens are being to come "alive" again!! Yay for spring and our beautiful RAINBOW!!

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grandma said...

all these pictures are beautiful!