Thursday, April 16, 2009

Throwback Thursday - more Easter & reflections

Easter 2006

This Easter:)

One of the blessings of being a part of an "older" church is that many members have reminded me of how quickly children grow up. In the midst of hectic, sleep-deprived newborn days or exhausted from disciplining/correcting toddler stage I tended to forget that time is passing "quickly".

But then I hear my sweet friends in Christ remind me and see old photos of my kids when they were babies and I think where and when did those sweet chubby baby cheeks leave...

I've got an almost 5 yr old (she reminds me daily) who uses crazy words like "responsible, forgiveness and awesome", she laughs at books she reads and zooms around the yard on TWO wheels... did I mention she's been fixing herself and Lydia breakfast in the morning (toast or cereal)??

I've got a 3yr old who wants to READ. He's soo inquistive and FULL of life! And he looks too grown in his tux, even with his hair messy because the spikes got mashed down:) He's been under-the-weather this week so I've gotten soo much snuggle time with him, and he even confessed to enjoying snuggles!

And I've got a 2 yr old whose chubby cheeks remain for the moment, but who buckles herself into her 5-point harness and tell me "I do it myself, Mommy. I a big girl now". And she was BY FAR the easiest to potty train... we still have an occassional accident, but everything else is in the potty... and she did it herself. "Mommy I do it." and so I let her:)

They do GROW UP soo QUICKLY!! Am I taking time during the day to enjoy THIS stage with them?

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grandma said...

Both pictures are absolutely adorable--completely unbiased opinion also. Granddaddy thinks so too!