Friday, April 10, 2009

UnFocused or ReFocused Friday

Focus Friday

Well it's Friday again, isn't it:) We've been traveling and visiting with friends since Tuesday!! Which means plans to do anything else besides meals, keeping the kids and sleeping are almost OUT! You know "focus on the basics":)

I did try to keep an Easter focus. So throughout the week we've read through the Easter story! I really wanted to at least give the kids a firm foundation of WHY we celebrate Easter before we got to hunt eggs and eat big dinners with friends and family.

I didn't get their dresses and outfits tried on, yet! But we are blessed by grandparents and friends so the kids have plenty of adorable spring outfits incase their flowergirl dresses don't fit:)And I'll get a chance to try them on tonight or tomorrow:)

Here's my list for this WEEK:
1. Prayer Guide made
2. Enjoy time with family on Monday:)
3. Clean my room...LOL
4. Get my hair trimmed...oh, it needs it soo badly
5. maybe, maybe, maybe get my curtains that I ordered and figure out of I like them...LOL

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Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

Good luck next week, I LOVE getting my hair cut!