Monday, April 13, 2009


Anna says, "Come on, Chris, lets' get married!"

You can see his response by the look on his face....LOL

It's always soo funny when they talk about marrying each other. I'm glad they like each other company enough to think about "marrying" them... even though they really don't know much about marrying except Mommy and Daddy are married.

I'll have some more Easter pics to show soon!!!
Just wrestling with Picasa again... it's a love/hate relationship most days with Picasa:)


Beatriz said...

Nice picture!, Chris always makes funny faces!!!!:) love them!.
He looks so handsome in his tux and Anna beautiful as always!, love the dress, brings back good memories;)

Mark and Rachel said...

Hey, funny post! Have you looked in to using Not sure how their editing compares to Picasa but maybe would give you another option.