Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daddy and his PhD

I mentioned in my previous post that today was a BIG day for Brian. He headed into school to "defend" his dissertation. Because he needs to have a final copy of his dissertation turned in by May 10th, if there was a requirement to rewrite any major portion, graduation might not have been possible.

But MY husband is a perfectionist. He has worked hard on all of the PhD work, wrestled with the material and tried to write as clear and accurate as possible.Thankfully all his hard work shows in his writing! And thankfully he came through VICTORIOUS today:)

Yes, he has a few edits, no need to re-submit though... ohh, it's soo great!! I can't wait for graduation when the degree is officially finished and in his hands. It will mean soo much.

So my hubby comes through the doors to the house......

and it's back to normal. Clothes scattered from my little streakers, dirty bottoms, and kids really to be held by their Daddy because they "missed you when you were gone all day".

I guess things don't change much when you're a Daddy!! You could have plenty of degrees and a great job... but the kids wuickly remind you that you are theirs.... ha ha ha ha

Here's a picture of Anna tying him up the other day!! He laughed and said,"I thought this only happened in movies." LOL


Heather said...

Congratulations to you all! What did he write his dissertation on?

grammie said...

Congrats Brian, Kelly and kids,

Its been a long haul for ALL of you but worth it. May God use you and this degree for His glory.

3 for Me! said...

Brian's area of concentration was Christian philosophy... wow!His dissertation title is
An Evangelical Assessment of the Nautralistic Worldview of Edward O Wilson and the Implications for Worldview Formation!!!

I"ve told him that he should let post his favorite paragraph or section... I've tried to read small portions a couple of times and am just amazed at all the new words I learn:)

Stacey said...

Awesome! Won't it be nice when it's all finished :)

Mark and Rachel said...

Congrats, Brian (and Kelly!) for making it thru the defense and journey thus far. Trust me, I admire you both for enduring a PhD for that long! I can't wait for another 1-2 years for "ours" to be over :) Well done!