Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why I carry benadryl

We have been so fortunate that we've never had any life threathening reactions to foods, yet. But I will be completely honest that every "big" reaction is SCARY for me. I act tough when I start to see hives form around their mouth or when they start to itch, but it's to keep them need for all of us to flipping out... LOL

It seems like the few reactions we've had lately have been coming out-of-nowhere! Like at Walmart last week. We had a kiddie cart... you know the one with space for 2 kids to fight (LOL) and then a seat for the smallest!!! Well Chris kept jumping off of the little bench so he was put in the baby seat.

Minutes later he was rubbing his eyes. I thought maybe it was because he was tired or maybe his eye hurt because he hadn't rinsed all the soap off his hands from the potty break. Moments later it was all puffy, then I saw the start of hives and the sniffles (a reaction similiar to Brian's)!!

Then it started "creeping" down his face.... seriously how could I not want to freak out. But he was moaning and groaning, crying out because it hurt soo bad... truely pathetic! Poor little guy!

THIS is why I carry benadryl in the diaper bag... yes, even into Walmart....

Many if you might be asking WHAT caused it??? Well I am not 100% on the source. But my best guess is that the baby previous to Christopher had been snacking just because he was fine until he sat up there. Another reason I need to carry sanitizing wipes in my bag, too!!!


Mark and Rachel said...

Wow....he is seriously allergic! Maybe it was a baby bottle with milk in it that got on the seat? Craziness. Glad the benadryl helped.

3 for Me! said...

yep... it could have been anything like that. Even little "goldfish" snacks or anything with milk.

He's such a TOUGH kid... it's crazy that a bit of milk can really affect him like that... it's like Supermans Kyrpotnite (ok.. I totally guessed on that spelling)