Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mother's Day at SIMPLE

This week the SIMPLE Ladies are reviewing items that are for Moms... know any? LOL So check out SIMPLE this week!! And some of the fun reviews and giveaways going on!!!

One giveaway going on this week was from the weekend! I was able to try a Kylie WRAP.... it's a way to wear babies close. So sweet!

But I didn't have a baby to try it out on. So I bribed one of my kids to be my model... LOL!! Chris was feeling weak from being sick, so he very willingly volunteered to be "carried" and get SweetTarts:)

Although he wasn't happy about all the pictures being taken, Chris actually didn't mind being in the wrap. I mentioned that he was recovering from being sick... he liked being outside without having to walk. And I think he also liked the higher view.... although being on MY hip isn't all that high!!

I asked him after if he liked being in the wrap. He said it was "fun for Mommy to hold him." Then he said, "I kind of liked it".... oh, soo grown up... LOL

Guess what, Buddy, Mommy likes having you close for the quick minutes you will give me:)

I'm hoping to try some more holds and ways to wrap the Kylie Wrap so I can help Jaclyn when her little one comes. The wrap is meant more for newborns and babies... so I will be looking forward to her using it soon:)

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