Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Desires & Faithfulness

I've shared on occasion that we desire to have more children. I was pregnant very quickly with my 3 little ones, so the "wait and see" every month can be emotionally draining. Most months, the end of the month comes and goes with disappointment but the reminder of the sweet blessings I already have that I can serve and love on.

While I still have that reminder this month, it's just been harder.

Brian has started a new series on Sunday AM in the book of Samuel. Some of his first studies and conversations we had together concerned Hannah. Her persistence in asking God. Her struggle during her wait. And the incredible emotions that she had, even causing her to not eat.....

But the end of Hannah's story is that God is faithful. He provided Hannah with an amazing son that God used for His glory. And after she gave Samuel to the Lord she was able to bear more children.

I know God is faithful! At anytime God can bless us with another child. Am I willing to be persistent in asking God for the desires of my heart and patient in waiting for Him to bring about the desire in His time with the opportunity to bring Him glory??

** Can I also share something else? I just made another connection!

The last two weeks in the kids' "Bible Time"... we have talked about "faithfulness". Like all Fruit of the Spirit, faithfulness is tied to the character of God. So the kids and I concentrated on God's faithfulness... especially to Moses and the Israelites in the Wilderness.

I wonder if that was more for me??? I mean, really! Seems very coincidental that for the 2 weeks prior to my struggle I have been reading to the kids and memorizing verses with them about God's faithfulness..... the EXACT lesson I would need THIS week.

He truely is faithful!


Stacey said...

hugs :) Not an easy struggle, that's for sure. I'm glad you were reminded of God's faithfulness.

Drea said...

I remember telling Lis one time that I could not see her go through life without having more children.. during that time she of course had no husband... I just could not see a woman like her with such a desire to have more children, not have more. I just think its in the Lords timing.. and through much prayer and time... she now has that husband and a new bundle on the way.

I think during these times of waiting the Lord teaches us A LOT. We waited for Taites "positive" result hah for over a year.. I remember around the 4th disappointing month really beginning to get down... and depressed over things.. but then realized it was in the Lords timing... and that if I was faithful in prayer to him, that he would give me the desires of my heart some way or another.

And He did :)

You are to good of a mom to not have more children. I dont know if it will happen naturally or through adoption, one way or another Lydia will be a big sister one day im sure. Praying for you two!

Michelle said...

That's beautiful!