Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

From 4 Little Men and Girly Twins, here is the challenge today:)

April 2008

42nd or 4th (if you don't have that many)

This from a day trip we took with Grandma and Grandaddy to a local "Bird Zoo". I actually made a montage of all of our fun pictures from the day HERE.

In the picture Anna is looking down into the the little creek! I was told by the staff of the "bird zoo" that if I could find and catch tadpoles, I could bring them home:) Anyway, the kids decided to look for some for me:)

I ended up NOT finding any that day. BUT a church member brought me a huge pot of tadpoles... I sorted them into jars of 10 to give to friends who also wanted to raise tadpoles... I had 100 easily... probably more. We kept only a few for the whole project!! Maybe we should do it again?? LOL


Abby said...

I bet it was a fun day! Happy Saturday!

Romberg Family said...

What a beautiful place!!!