Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Without a Cell, Couponing Quotes & Curtains

I went to town since I had other errands to run as well. One of biggest time-consuming tasks today was grocery shopping. The kids did really well considering we made 8 stops!! YES, 8!! Yes, I am crazy:)

The hardest part was that when we got into town I realized my cell was DEAD. We've been having issues with our cell for a while. So I wasn't very surprised... but very disappointed because we were hoping to meet up with Andrea and her crew.

It's amazing the confidence I have WITH a cell. I know if I breakdown or need to get intouch with Brian he's just a few buttons away. Andrea and I didn't make firm plans because we thought we'd just call one another when we both knew when we could meet...

Needless to say, we didn't meet up! It was weird not having that confidence. I felt bad for Brian.... he didn't know the cell was Dead, I figured he would be worried about us, since he couldn't check on us and Andrea probably called looking for us!

What do you do?? I just finished our errands and headed home when I was done.

When I got home I saw the concerned look in Brian's eyes and I immediately said, "The cell is Dead. It won't even turn on." I think he was thankful that he didn't have to fuss at me for not turning it on or answering it:)

Then he and Lydia got to work putting away the groceries.... At one point while on the stool, Brian looked down at me and said, "I think we need more shelf space!" LOL..

I thought it was funny because most husbands would say,"Honey, maybe you shouldn't bring home 9 boxes or cereal at a time!" Not mine!! He likes it when I stock up and SAVE money!

The other funny quote was from my Lydia! She was taking everything out of the bags and naming it as she handed it to us. After the 5th box of Wheat Thins (it was buy2 get 3 free, plus I had a BOGO coupon.... so ended up being buy 1 get 4 free), she said, "Here's another cracker. Why do we have another cracker?" LOL

Oh... I picked up my curtains! I ordered two different sets (both brown) to see which I liked better. Maybe I can put them up and take some pictures let you all help me again:)

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Kacie said...

Hey where do you find all your coupons??