Friday, April 10, 2009

A Visit with Sweet Friends

This week while wanting to participate in the services for a friend's father we were able to visit with some of our sweet friends from our Seminary days:)

We met the Coopers in class and in orchestra!! Erica and I had Church History together and then both played violin in the seminary orchestra... well, Erica played and I tried to keep up and stay in tune:) When she found out I was engaged to Brian she immediately offered to play her violin in the wedding... I was SOOO honored!! She's a WONDERFUL violinist and it was soo encouraging to me for her to have offered!

After the wedding we moved into the row of townhouses behind theirs (gotta love seminary housing) and we began walking to keep her active during her pregnancy:) I remember seeing a different car in the spaces infront of her house knowing that little Isaac had been born:) And she was there (and preggo again) when we welcomed my 1st baby into the family:)

We've keep in contact some and called when we could... talking over the squeals, cries and discipling of our many kiddos... she now has 5 and I have 3! BOY have our families changed, our ministries have grown and our friendship has grown... we have a lot more incommon as mothers, pastor's wives, homeschoolers and women trying to balance it all (or at least it seems)!

It had been YEARS since we've seen the Coopers... so our children had forgotten one another. How sweet it was to see and hear them together:) The first night Anna asked to sleep on the floor in the kids' room. Chris "helping" the older boys digging out a dinosaur home. Lydia looking for the babies in the morning:) And then my favorite was when Anna and Isaac laughing out loud as they colored and worked while Elliot entertained them:)

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

I wanted to THANK the Coopers for having us over and on short notice!!! We enjoyed our visit and look forward to meeting up with you guys again... maybe if you guy are in our "neck of the woods"! And Erica, thank you for letting me pick your brain about homeschooling resources:)

And I wanted to THANK my hubby! Forever he has had a goal of bringing me to see my dear friend. While the reason we were needed in that area of NC was NOT what we planned or desired... I am thankful for his willingness to let us leave early to spend time with our friends AND letting us girls get a lunch together (minus the kiddies)!!

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Erica said...

We had an AWESOME time!!! I'm still trying to get up a blog post too.... :) I miss you already!