Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The first is a BIG thank you for your prayers!

Grandma came out of surgery and is doing well. The pain medication will be gradually diminished over the next day and so we are praying for no discomfort. And she'll be heading home,too!! So we are praying for that transition as well. And for Grandaddy who will caring for her during her recovery:)

Our friends and neighbors had their father pass away on Monday morning. They will be gathering with family and friends this week. We also are planning to travel a bit and attend the services. We continue to pray for their peace and comfort during this loss.

Another, lighter update is that Lydia has completed her Train Potty Chart... whoo-hooo!! She's doing soo well potty training. Her prize at the end is to pick out a Dora DVD (since she's missing the one she broke in half). Looks like Dora will be back in the house SOON:)

And for those who care, as soon as she put the LAST sticker on her chart she said, "Me get a Dora video." They remember!!!

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Jenny said...

I am sorry I could not be online in last time as my computer is still broken and so I am a bit late with my recover wishes.