Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getting Ready For TeeBall

Last week before our 1st Tee-ball practice, Lydia and Anna wanted to paint their nails!!I thought it was soo funny and cute!

How did I end up with such prissy girls... LOL

I love chubby fingers and toes.... oh, they are disappearing from my house too quickly!

This week before practice I am on the computer looking up tee-ball drills! There are a couple of fathers who thought they'd give coaching a try... so I'll let them take that on!!! But I thought it might be good to have a couple other ideas to keep them busy and learning about T-ball!!!

Last week wasn't bad.... but as the kids get used to the parents and the kids, I'm just imagining "chaos"...LOL... just think 12 kids ages 3-5 running around or bored stiff and they try to make up their own game:)

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Southern Belle said...

Oh I *loved* the tee ball years!!! We're in live arm now, another 4 years til we're back in tee ball... and make sure to get a matching shirt that says "childs mom"... apparently after pitching machine the kids dont find it so cute LOL