Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trampoline Video, Tricks and Small Town Quirks:)

I wanted to post the trampoline video from Sunday....

While we have had a couple of neighborhood friends vsiitng us for years.... the trampoline has brought them to us more and more. I was mentioning to a church friend that I needed to give it an official title... "Trampoline Ministry"...

But really I love the opportunity to spend time with some of our neighbors.... they are the sweetest kids and I'm been so blessed to watch them grow up. Let me also mention this... these kids are GREAT with mine.... my kids are smaller and a little goofy, but most the older kids just look at them and shrug (my response too when they are just too silly)!

In the video, notice Christopher's newest flip (and meet his inspirations) and listen to one of the funniest quirks of our small town!

Yes, the "bell" int he first video. It's actually a horn-like thing. It is used daily at noon (or 12:30pm on the weekends) AND to alert our volunteer fire/rescue squad for major emergencies and needing extra help. I live 4 blocks from the horn... The kids are used to it, but I still thought Lydia was too funny covering her ears:)

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