Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Visit with My Folks

Well Grammie and Pey FINALLY arrived on Friday afternoon.... we had trying to plan a time to have them come visit for weeks... but there was always a conflict...

So the blog has been quiet as I enjoy time with my mom, dad, kiddies and hubby:)

Last night my parents volunteered to watch the kids for us and give us the "night out".... oh, it was soo great to have my parents watching them just because we didn't have to worry about staying out too late or the babysitter having to drive/walk home too late. So that was nice on our nerves... so we did do dinner & a movie:) (and snuck in some couponing at every stop... hahaa)It was a great night!!

I am hoping to post pics of our day today soon... we had a busy day at the park! Hiking, playing, lunching.... the weather was beautiful and now we're BEAT...LOL

SO we had a great time Grammie and Pey!! We wish you could have stayed longer... REST UP we'll be visiting you soon:)

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