Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

After baths last night I got Anna and Chris to try on their wedding/Easter attire! Chris fussed for a second about the tux and then got VERY cooperative?? Anyway, I got him totally dolled up in the tux and he smiled at me and asked, "Where's my lollipop?" LOL In order to get him to try on the tux for the wedding in Oct I had given him a lollipop everytime he sweetly put on his tux!! Too bad he had already brushed his teeth:)

As I hung up the tux I saw his Skunk Halloween costume. He quickly agreed to try it on to "scare" Anna!! HAhahaa... she slipped on her dress and we had..

Beauty and the Beast (AKA Skunk or Stunk... like my kids say)

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grandma said...

This is the cutiest picture!