Monday, April 20, 2009

Christopher, Christopher, Christopher

We are exhausted... LOL I don't know if it was because Chris was soo mellow last week from sickness or what... but he's been into EVERYTHING this week.

He's starting the back-and-forth, who-gets-the-last word arguments with his sisters. Like this,

"You only get one." Chris to Lydia.

Lydia: "No, I get two."

Chris: "You get one."

Lydia: "no, two"

Chris: "No, one."


And then there is the crazy antics..... now he usually has some helpers.

But he's the one with the BLUE feet (like, "i caught you red-handed").... yes, seriously! He and Lydia were coloring Chris' body with blue (and green) markers... thank goodness they were Crayola... all of it came off without soap!!

This morning, he came out of his room in just undies wiping something on his skin. Hoping it was just a Wipe, I asked him what it was....

"Sunscreen, " he responded. Hmmm?? "Chris, I don't have any sunscreen out. What are you rubbing all over your skin?"

"Umm? Sunscreen," he says, then adds, "it's kind of like bubbles."

So as I"m cleaning up dinner the little rascals are terrorizing the house... usually one parent has kids the other has clean-up, but Brian had a meeting tonight so the kids were crazy! I hear a door shut and then the girls trying to talk to Chris. Anna comes into the kitchen to inform me that Christopher had "locked himself in his room"... ahhh about time... LOL

He wasn't crying or scared so I left him while I finished the kitchen:) As the girls got ready for some playtime outside, I went to Christopher's door and asked if he was ready to come out. He said he was. So I reminded him how to turn the "button on the knob".

I heard the doorknob move around and then out of the room he walked. With the BIGGEST stinky EVER making a bump in his underpants.... I guess he needed time "alone"!!

Yes... I will keep him. And yes he is my son, although I think he looks more like his Dad... LOL!! I'm sure there is another boy out there who is as adventurous, mischievous, dirty and fun-loving as my Christopher.

But with a house full of girls during the day, he finds a way to bring in some mischief and antics, just to keep us entertained! And Momma on her toes!


aunt jaclyn said...

so what was the "Sunscreen?" was it actually bubbles?

3 for Me! said...

whoops... yes, he was given bubbles for Easter and I had forgotten that he was carrying around the CLOSED container...

I have it now:)

designHER Momma said...

you just described my house to a tee. it's so not fun...