Monday, April 6, 2009

Two Requests

Please pray with us today concerning:

1. Grandma - This morning, Grandma (Brian's Mom) is going through a partial knee replacement procedure. While it's planned for a month now... it's still on our hearts! We've often heard it said that "minor surgery is when it is happening to someone else, major surgery is when it is happening to you."

We are praying for wisdom for the surgical team, Grandma's health and recovery and for the use of her knee to be much improved!!

2. This second request is on behalf of our friends and neighbors. They have many hard choices this week concerning a family member's health situation. I can't imgaine being in their shoes. Please pray for their strength, peace and reliance on the Lord through these next hard days!

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Anonymous said...

Hello all. I too am praying for our dear friend and her "nurse" too. Hey, do you think you could send me the 7 time a day to pray for your kids, I have nephews that need that and so do I. Thanks, gal. Your family is just beautiful and I enjoy watching them grow through your blog. Thank you for doing this. God bless. Gail