Monday, February 4, 2008

"Well" Check ups

We made the journey this afternoon to the BIG city to take the kids to the doctors. Christopher and Lydia had their well check-ups scheduled. The younger kids always do a little better at the doctor than Anna.....but I still had Daddy come because it's hard to have two getting check-ups at the same time (Erica will really know how to handle that one with the twins regular check-ups!)

Although I'd been a little worried about Christopher's weight (he just looks too skinny) both kids are doing well. Lydia was a little smaller than I had thought but most of that is due to her not drinking soymilk yet or having an dairy protein/fat (cheese, yogurt) because of her allergies. Here are the stats for them:

Christopher is 28 lbs and 34 inches
Lydia is 21 lbs 5oz and 29 inches
Two humorous things about the doctors' visit:
1. In filling out the development assessment, I realized that all the things that they do that causes messes and can be sooo frustrating/annoying are KEY developmental goals that the kids are supposed to be doing. For example, taking all the toys out of the toy bins and then putting them in the cart to push around the house!!! So the assessments caused many "ahhh-haa" moments and maybe the house will have to be a little messier and my kids "develop"!!!

2. The kids have had cold symptoms for about a week and a half or so. They actually seem to be much better...not as fussy! So lo and behold, the doctor found that both Lydia and Christopher have been dealing with double ear infections....poor things!! I really don't want to use antibotics but if they've these infections for a week now, the doctor was pretty sure that medication was the best way to be sure the infection would clear up and not get any worse.......we've had their first dose and they took it like I was feeding them candy....I think Anna is a little jealous she doesn't get any :(

Ohhh, Brian just reminded me that we got the kids tested for TB...long story, I am a treated carrier. Since this is in their family history the doctor felt that it might be a good idea to get them tested. TB testing is not the four-prong prick in the inner forearm anymore...not it's a needle put under the skin to see if the body reacts (2 days later). We only tested Christopher and Lydia (since Anna freaked out at getting her ears checked). They sent in TWO nurses to do this test....both nurses were a little uptight and double and triple checked to see if we really wanted them to be tested!!! Anyway, long story......both Lydia and Christopher sat sooo STILL and watched the needle go under their skin- they didn't make a peeep!! We were soo PROUD of them:) And we'll be checking their little arms..... and in TWO days I'll be heading back to the BIG city to get their arms checked and documented.

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