Monday, February 18, 2008

Daddy's New Hiding Place

Another "quiet" night at home :)

BTW.....totally unrelated to playing with Daddy. Brian and I have been sick with the computer that I affectionatly call "my computer". It had been acting up for a month or so and I just would restart it and then it would work fine the next day. This weekend it went crazy, the warning signs took up my whole we've been searching and deleting all the viruses, spyware, adware and other random junk off my's been a pain!! So protect your computer:)


Drea said...

How long did it take Brian to get in there?! hahahaha
now your kids will start to pull out things and hide in the cabinets all the time.

Grandma said...

Dad's just reliving his childhood! Rememgber, Brian, how you used to hide in the living room sofa cabinets! I'm impressed that you can "double up" like that!

The kids are so cute playing hide and seek!

Mark and Rachel said...

Mark says y'all are silly :) Loved the video! Too funny! Brian, I too want to know how in the world you fit in there!