Monday, February 18, 2008

Ministry to the Home that Extends Beyond the Home

One of the biggest struggles for me with motherhood has been the limitations. Of course with the the new limitation have been other opportunities and a new crew to minister to (the kiddies). It seems that I do a lot more when I focus on theose small things that I CAN do for others instead of thinking of all the opportunities I've had to "miss".

So this morning I got my crew working hard.....hard on some Banana Bread for a neighbor and friend who is sick. Of course, I could have had this done in a matter of minutes without all the extra dirty utensils...but my crew is also my ministry so why not teach them to show a little kindness and learn how to serve others, too.

There is some learning involved as well...this was the first time I let Anna push the buttons on the microwave!!

Christopher is a very serious cook....he was a very good mixer and enjoyed dumping the ingredients in.

Anna and I little more about measurements... yay for practical Math!!

Since we didn't cook with the eggs the kids got to eat some of the "extra" batter....yummm!!

I made some mini muffins with some of the batter and so the kids got to "test" their gave them a treat for all of their work:) And look Lydia even woke up just in time for some warm muffins.

As I was typing this post, Brian said one of the sweetest things about the kids working on the bread was Anna's excitement when he walked through the door after visitation. She excited asked, "Daddy did you give the bread to Miss Patsy?" Genuine concern that our sweet friend had gotten her bread.

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