Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Funny Conversations with a 4yr Old

Brian, Anna and I were practicing our rhymes at the lunch table....Anna is finally starting to get the idea of what it means to rhyme!! Anyway, we started with "job" and "Bob" and then went to something else simple like "pop" and "corn". But then Anna almost ended the game when she looked down at her plate and asked ,"What rhymes with silverware?" But we did quickly recover and begin rhyming again.

This afternoon was a hoot. Brian and Anna were cleaning up after lunch and Brian wanted to teach Anna about the origin of eggs. So he starts the conversation by asking Anna, "Where do eggs come from?" And Anna responded by saying,"Birds." And Brian asked," Where do chicken eggs come from?" And she said ,"Chickens." Then Anna had a question for Brian, "Where do watermelons come from?"


Grandma said...

You have one smart daughter!

grammie said...

I hope Brian answered her. If not Anna tell him SEEDS!!!! I think she is ready for riddles. She would love to get Daddy guessing.