Friday, February 22, 2008

The Sweet Side of Christopher

Usually while we're out or have company friends and others see Christoher's VERY active and outgoing personality......and that does really describe him :) But he is also very sweet.

While sleeping he snuggles with an old receiving blanket (he pitches a HUGE fit everytime I have to wash it.) Here's a photo of Christopher sleeping...he stretches out and loves his tummy:)

Another thing (besides his blanket and tummy) he loves is his sisters. He adores both of them but Lydia is always ready to wrestle and snuggle with him!!! Here are some silly pics of Lydia trying to wrestle with Christopher as he's sitting in time-out .....h ahahaa, he knew he wasn't allowed to move and she knew she could catch him :)

We all adore our busy little Man.......our very, very active, sometimes snuggly and silly little Man.