Friday, February 22, 2008

Discipline Help

It seems like the last few converstains I've had with other mommies have been focused on discipline....we're all going through the 3-yr old stage.....more antics, and MORE attitude.......

We all have the same goals in mind.....raising sweet, loving, trustworthy, respectful, fun and God loving/fearing children. And a HUGE part of wanting these things for our children is US modeling it to them......

Anyway, a favorite website to encourage my discipline and mentorig of my sweet children has been Raising Godly Tomatoes....check it out when you need that encouargement in your journey with your sweet toddlers.

I actually was on yesterday getting another fill of how I should be guiding and correcting my little tomatoes. The BEST parts of this lady's philosophy are that she's a Christian Mom also in the midst of childrearing (she's got like 10 she's seasoned) and she puts just as much emphasis on discipline as she does mentoring ans spending quality teaching time!!!

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