Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Recovery Day

Many might be wondering how the Deacon Dinner went last was a blast!! Everything was great....although I wish I could have done more visiting and serving...I did what I could. Having the deacons and their wives was nice though because they really served one another and were a blessing to us!! We also played a little game and got to know eachother even more.....somethings that they didn't even know about eachother:) We have been soo thankful for our church family.....they are a great group of people to serve and worship with. And then many have blessed us even more by being our extended family since our families live hours away.

BUT WHAT a DAY we had getting ready!!! In fact, Brian said about have to blog THIS DAY.......

*Eat breakfast and clean up kids
*Entertain kids while dusting living and dining rooms
*Tidying bathroom and washroom
*Getting plates and silverware together in kitchen

*Make tea
*Do "reading" lesson with Anna
*Start fixing lunch for kids
*Brian chased a bird out of the attic (might be good news b/c we thought it wa a squirrel....hopefully it was just birds)

This is when it just got NUTS......right before lunch
*Bring over table and chairs from church
*Put up new fireplace screen
*Vaccuum out the fireplace..............soot got into the air and created a haze in the living and dining rooms. we first noticed it when Christopher was leaving black footprints on the plastic table from the church......
*Redust the living and dining rooms with PLedge (didn't work..still left a film of PLedge and soot)
*Redust the furniture with Windex (we were desperate and it worked)
*Vaccuum all the cloth furniture
*Feed the kids lunch
*Christopher saw us cleaning and swiped the Windex and started spraying all over our TV stand, TV, antenna, end table......soon after we put him to bed....and the TV started turning on and off by itself.
*Hang a picture The finished fireplace
*Kids off to nap
*Set-up tables, move out highchair and booster seat
*Iron table cloths
*Wash and dry remaining dinner plates, the dessert plates and remaining glasses
*Bake ham
*Set the tables for dinner,
*Finish washing off counters
*Touch up floor (soo glad I washed it Monday night)
*Touch up bathroom (so glad I did that Monday afternoon)
*Brian mowed the yard
*Kids wake up
*Set-up chairs so Lydia and Christopher don't steal silverware off the tables
*Fix kids dinner - eating on a blanket on the kitchen floor. We gated them in the kitchen so they wouldn't mess with everything and so their dinner would be contained in the kitchen
*Get jam, butter, salt, pepper and extra napkins on the tables
*Make gravy and homemade biscuits

Here are a couple more pics from the evening:

Christopher climbing on the chair, getting into the conversation

The kids talked them into playing doctor. Anna asked "Do you have your insurance card?"

So this is what we're doing today:

Princess Castle Day!!!


Erica said...

oh kelly, you are such a good p.w.!!! i think our people got a bum deal w/ me!!!!!

3 for Me!! said...

Whatever!!!!! Leading music on occasion.....stocking the nursery...he hehee.

We're just soo blessed by this church! And we just do what we can. Of course (in this case) it would have been a little easier if we would have tackled the "bigger" projects in advance:)

Grammie said...

Great job!! It sounds like you had it all under control. But why in the world would you clean the fireplace the day they came?? Boy that must have added way too much unneeded stress. Who would look to see if the fireplace was clean??? You're too funny.