Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Busy with Preparations

We have invited some of our church's leader to our home tonight for dinner. I LOVE having people over but get too caught up in the preparations and details. So I've been trying to clean up all the corners and dusting (I know......something I always overlook). We are also starting to hang up all those pictures we've had laying around ready to be placed on the walls. Just small things.......

Soo I have an new idea (at least for me) about how to help with cleaning before company. I felt like most of my days this weekend were spent cleaning up all the kids' toys...that I clean up everyday, all day. So we decided to have the kids keep their toys in their ROOMS for the next couple of days! I know it's not this amazing new concept but it has really helped in keeping the rest of the house neat and cleanup is a breeze b/c the toys are pretty much right next to their place on the shelf or in the bin.

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