Wednesday, February 20, 2008

They actually listen

Well the last few weeks I'd been on a mission to teach the kids John 3:16 (I was teaching Christopher just a few lines). Anyway, I posted them and randomly throughout the day I'd say the verse a couple of times....and I wished I was more consitent.

So this afternoon I asked Anna to say "John 3 :16" with me. And the little monkey did it!!! She had been listening and learning the verse.......So the whole time I was thinking I was "wasting" my time or that she was too distracted or too young, the child was soaking it in :) Praise God!!!

So I quizzed her tonight while she was finishing her "nightly routine"....hehehehe!! You know..... Deut. does say to teach your children when they are laying down and sitting, although I'm not sure they had this in mind :)

She did have a little help!!!! But pretty good since I had thought nothing was sinking in!!! She's still a little shaky with the fact while we were practicing tonight a couple of times her last word was "friendship" it went like this,"shall not perish but have everlasting friendship." he heheee

Oh, this is how Anna finally fell asleep this little bookworm:)


Drea said...

awesome job! I taught caleb the lords prayer when he was like 2 1/2 and he got it so fast! but now he wont say it just because hes being a stubborn 3 year old! grrr... but dont they sound cute when they quote scripture,. its so sweet! love how she fell asleep hehe

Erica said...

I always am amazed at how early they memorize. You know we've always tried to keep scripture memory a part of their daily routines. When the boys do their verses at night even Orli says them!! and she isn't even 2 yet! Don't underestimate them, and pack it in!!! :)