Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Computer Sharing, Warding off Sickness, and Other Randomness

Yes, we are still HERE!! Everyone is well right now.....although Daddy is starting to wonder if he's coming down with something.....ohhhh, I hope NOT!!! He's been extra busy these last two weeks ministering to families who are in the hospital or family members who have lost their loved ones, so maybe he's just TIRED (who wouldn't be)!!!

Sooo, I've been having to use my husband's computer the last two weeks. But it's been a hassel....sort of. First let me THANK him for letting me use his computer......it's his workstation for all of his MANY, many tasks!! So, thank you, Sweetie!! Anyway, it's not quite as easy as sharing the car ;) Part of it is that it IS his work space, our schedules for computing don't match up and I'm totally learning a new computer:) I know whinning.... So maybe by the weekend I'll have a decision made and we'll see what happens:)

The kids are fine:) We took them to a visitation this evening....the kids did pretty well considering they are young children and this is a "quiet place" and we had a long line to stand in. But the family also had a couple of children and so while Daddy was getting some details for the service arranged....the kids and I hung out in an extra room and were joined by other younger children.

Well, they couldn't just run around and climb on the pretty nice furniture and stuff, ao I was corrected them quietly and quickly.....anyway, after a few "corrections" I heard another parent say to his spouse, "Honey, we were dong something wrong. Did you see how the responded and obeyed? If we would have asked our kids to do that they would have looked at us and laughed..."

I feel their pain. I wonder daily how I can better discipline so that my kids obey better, treat eachother sweeter and not have ugly attitudes. So the comment tonight was a little encouraging, maybe I'm doing a little bit right. And it was great to praise the kids when we got to the car about how well they obeyed when I had to correct them:)

BTW.....I'm starting to believe that little Lydia is my least "strong-willed child." She will already come when I call her....and start to come on my first call. When she has something she knows we want she'll immediately put it behind her back. But this afternoon she hid Brian's pen behind her back when he reached for it. But she quickly gave it to him when he asked for it and put out his hand!!!! I'm going to have to praise her for quickly obeying and maybe training for "first-time obedience" won't be as difficult with her as it has been for the other two :)

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