Friday, February 8, 2008

Fun Day- Momma is very tired

Well I wish I would have pulled out the camera that I took with me to take some pictures of the friends that we visited with today. Brian and I went to seminary with the husband and wife. In fact CarolAnn graduated with me (almost 10 months pregnant with Anna) and Brian and Tommy started the PhD program at the same time. They have two kids that are just months younger than both Anna and Christopher:) They are also serving in a local church!!! We haven't gotten together with them often...I'm not sure why because the kids did very well together once they got "settled".

"settled" you may ask...... Anna will still get soooo upset when she's in a new and uncomfortable environment. So she spent most of the first hour's very frustrating but I try HARD not to show her how frustrated I am with her just because it doesn't help the situation. But many times I just don't know WHAT to do with her. So today she sat in a diffferent room alone until she was calm enough to sit or stand by me....really just 10 minutes next to me and she was off to play with the other kids. She has actually done MUCH MUCH better this year...I remember going to the park when Christopher was still nursing and Anna won't even get on the play equipment because the child we KNEW was playing on it. So even in the VERY frustrating moments I'm thankful that she is adjusting and will eventually stop fussing and play.

The kids played all morning and into the afternoon. They fell asleep during the car ride home and I stayed in the car with them until they woke up....just so we would all get a few precious moments of rest and quiet!!! During dinner preparation we quickly made an executive decision to out them to BED we started the bedtime routine an hour earlier than normal and had a FEW more quiet moments this evening.........because we are ALL TIRED!!

I had to pick Anna up some more PJs just b/c she's getting so tall and the other PJ shirts are too short :) Anyway, she had been waiting for me to wash these new PJS so she could wear them. She told me this evening, "I don't like Dora anymore, I like ducks." Guess what the new PJs had ont hem ....yep, you guessed it DUCKS. Here she is proudly showing off her new duck PJs and her wild hair:)

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Grandma said...

Anna, I love your new pjs! And they are my favorite color. What is your favorite color now?