Thursday, February 28, 2008

I walked into Anna's room and there are Anna and Christopher playing in Anna's bed with the fan going on HIGH. I smelt something..... I asked aloud, "Who's got the stinky?" and Christopher confessed!! And Anna quickly agreed, "That's why we have the fan on."

Here's my future guitarist!!!!

I made some structured time with the kids this morning that went ok. I'm learning that a lot of our structured time, especially with Anna is more about us learning how to learn/teach together right now! So I'm trying to be really flexible but I really, really want to do a lesson each day! AND have her count to 100 and speak fluent Spanish by summer... ha hahaa.... but what would I gain by pushing my kids unreasonably with unreasonable goals....NOTHING...stressful days, fussing and crying and kids (and a Momma) who aren't learning and growing together in godliness.

So here we are......... in real life, counting beans and outlining letters with beans. The kids are filling shapes with beans in the picture.

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Mark and Rachel said...

That is the funniest photo of Christopher! He definitely has the pose down! That is one of those that will be on a wedding slideshow some day :)