Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Antics of Christopher

Today we combined Brian's and Kelly's "To Do" lists and made a trip to the Big City...Brian had some visits to make and Kelly had grocery shopping and kiddies to entertain. So after the kids sat so nicely in the car waiting for Daddy we took them to McDonalds that had an indoor playground. (I know...I know...another indoor playground, last time we visited on we got Fifths Disease and the time after that we had the stomach virus....but I came prepared with a new container of handsanitizer and a TON of wipes...and I used them both OFTEN.)

Christopher wasn't excited about leaving but he didn't fuss either. He just wouldn't walk, so Brian being funny started moving him by the back of his overalls.... basically carried him by the overalls!! Christopher wasn't bothered by the new transportation at all...he just let his feet dangle and let Brian carry him the WHOLE way to the car. It was a VERY FUNNY sight....Brian cracking up laughing, Christopher just dangling there! Anyway, I looked around us to see if anyone noticed and there were sooo many people watching and just cracking up laughing......

We tried to recreate how funny we must have looked....but it was much funnier the first time in public!!! (please ignore Lydia's fussing....it was obviously time to get her in bed....she's just doing her night-night fuss.)

Ohhh, and Brian is pretty proud that he made the blog TWO days in a row!!!


Drea said...

i hope you dont get a stomach flu either... ughh t hat be so annoying! or worse the real flu flu with high fever. ick.
although as long as thats under control i prefer fevers to throwing up.

brians strong. if i did that with caleb id break :-)
taite had overalls on yesterday tho, I could of handled Taite

Erica said...

Brian will haave to cause more problems if he wants to get on the blog more often!!!