Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ahhhhh....Cookies and Lollipops

Well "my" computer had been running really, really S-L-O-W-L-Y!!! Not only that but many days my blogger account won't let me craete new blogs??? Strange. So the other day when you were hit with 4 in ONE night...I was actually writing down everything I wanted to blog about so when I borrowed Brian's laptop I would remember them all. So finally we thought to delete the "cookies" and voila...I'm BACK!!

Well the kids and I ventured to the BIG city again today to get their PPD's checked (test for TB). Of course they came back negative!!! We decided to make the day of our trip to the BIG city by going to the mall and heading to a restaurant with a playground.

I usually NEVER head to the mall with all three by myself unless I know EXACTLY what I want and I know they have it. But today I had a couple things I would have liked to pick-up and I wanted to brouse....ha hahaa. So I have the younger two in the sit-n-stand double stroller and Anna walking. At the first stop Anna was tormenting Christopher and he was buckled int he stroller so he was just hollering and trying to hit her back.....needless to say after some extra squeals I gave Anna a VERY stern warning and then plopped her little bottom in a corner where I could see her and still shop. That pretty much handled the tormenting brother but then she started to wander off ......this just scares me to death.....

At one counter a lady (who must have seen my distress) offered the kids lollipops.....I was very hesitiant beacuse I don't like the extra sugar and sticky hands but those lollipops were a hit...the kids were so quiet at the next few stops I couldn't believe it. (Guess what I'll stick in my pockets on the next adventure.) BTW I found a tons of sales on fall/winter clothes....I stocked up on some shirts for Christopher and Anna for next winter (maybe the one after that) for $3-5 each at Belks and JCPenneys!!!

Then we headed to the Sonic!! They have an outdoor playground, tables to eat and places to order at the playground. And I was shocked at how fast the food came out (good 'ole fast food)!! I think we were at the playground for an hour and a half (maybe longer). The kids had a blast and they learn to play with other kids!! And Mommy got to chat with other socialable Mommies trying to catch every beautiful day outdoors that we can!!

So the dreaded trip back to the BIG city to check the PPD test wasn't TOOO bad!! It hink Sonic is a hit with my crew...especially since they didn't break out at all:) And they liked the playground!!! And it being outside, I'm thinking it gets cleaned a LOT more often than the inside ones....less germs or viruses (yuck)!!

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Drea said...

sounds like a fun day! :-) good ol sugar and fast food haha.
call me we can get together since the weathers so beautiful!