Monday, February 18, 2008

Quick "almost healthy" Meal Trick...ohhh and cheap too

We eat a ton of's cheap, quick and the kids like it. But it seems that I was buying tomato sauce left and right and not always on sale (which I can't stand doing). So one day i looked on the bottom shelf and grabbed a can of Hunts...the really cheap 88 cents at Super Walmart. The kids don't know the difference and Brian is sooo glad there aren't anymore chuncks of tomato on his pasta.......he heheee

But then I was wanting it to be healthier and I reached into the freezer and grabbed the unused homemade baby food from Lydia.....carrots and green peas (frozen in ice cube trays). So I grabbed a couple of cubes and mixed them right into the warming sauce with some extra garlic powder and Italian seasonings. The fam loved it and didn't know about all the "extras". And tonight I added some extra veggies (onion and green pepper). I grinded them down with my chopper and dumped them in.

The other CHEAP and EASY trick is for breaded meat. Tonight we had breaded chicken with our spaghetti (like Parmesan chicken without the cheese). Anyway, instead of using bread crumbs, we've relaly enjoyed using grinding up oatmeal, adding seasoning and some, great with food allergies, extra fiber, yummmmy!!! I think ther is a way to add some veggies to the breaded chicken, but I haven't learned that one yet....

Happy Cooking!!

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