Saturday, February 16, 2008

Car Conversations

So I jump in the car this afternoon quickley in order to get to the library before it closes and catch the last few minutes of sunlight on this beautiful afternoon. The kids took really early naps which was wonderful because usually they are waking up after it's already we don't really get out much after 3 or 4pm which is when they normally go down.

Soooo, back to the situation.....I'm jumping inot the car and didn't remember to check the connection for the DVD player, so as I'm driving downt he road the kids are telling me that the "movie isn't working". I really can't fix it when I'm driving so I turned down the radio and started "chatting" with them.

The conversation started with what types of animals were in the fields that were were passing but soon they wanted me to tell them a story about David and the "giant". (If you've had a converstaion with Christopher recently you'd understand that GIANTS are one of his favorite topics...I'm not sure how he knows so much about giants but he and Anna are convinced some live under his bed. They assure me that it's ok because they are nice...phew, close call!!!I mean squirrels in the attic, spiders in every corner (according to Anna) and now giants.)

As I started telling the story to Anna it reminded me of two movies released last year called The Nativity Story and One Night with A King. Both were GREAT....anyway, both really demonstrated how the stories in Scripture would have been taught as oral stories passed from generation to generation. AMAZING....and in both movies the children would know the stories by heart but still ask to be told them over and over. I want my kids to hold on to every word of Scripture that teaches about God's greatness and that each story would be stored in their litle hearts when they need to be encouraged by His greatness!

The kids were soo excited to be driving down the road that lead to the park....Anna can recognize roads very easily and tell you where you're going based on the roads we take (Walmart, dr office,etc). I hear a chant from the was "faster, faster, faster". The kids were wanting me to drive faster so we could get to the park more we then had a conversation about speed limits and policemen giving tickets.

On the way home I was quizzing Anna about where she lived. (I just think it's sooo important for kids to know the basic facts about where they live incase they would ever be lost or whatever. So we're working on state, town, parents' names, her own full name and phonenumber. Of course some of you with children may need to teach their address...I do have a page for teaching her address but the town is soo small just by saying her Daddy's name a LOt of people wold nkow where to find him....I love our small town.) Sorry about the tangent....

After practicing all of these facts I then quiz Anna....."what town do you live in?"
She responds, "I live with you guys. But sometimes I have to leave my home to go to South Carolina and sleep in my old bed next to the ones I love."

What a Hoot!!! When we visit Grandma and Grandaddy she does sleep in their room on the floor next to their bed :)

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Grandma said...

Granddaddy and I got such a chuckle out of this comment. Yes, you do have to come here sometime soon---and we have a new bed for you now!