Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Stinky Challenge...I mean Potty Training

Our little Anna has been "potty training" for over a year now. I know, for all those great potty training mommies and kiddies who have it down in a week or two... we are pretty pathetic. But we do what we can :)

After Anna had a bad experience with stinkies we have had a ton of problems (even on some medication) .....I still haven't decided if she wasn't able to make stinkies or if she didn't want to do it. After asking around to seasoned parents and the pediatrician (also a seasoned parent) we decided to let it go for a while and just let her make her stinkies in the's been a LONG wait.

Before Christmas she was doing really well and then sickness, travel, and the busyness of the holidays and we were back to diapers. We then decided to restrict her from some of her "big girl" privledges and brought back the stinky chart..hehehee.

Anyway, Daddy had an idea. I wasn't for it at first but it seems to be working :) Anna usually does her business at night right before she falls asleep ( 9-10pm). We'd put her to bed and minutes or hours later she'd come walking out with a FULL diaper. So Daddy thought to have her wear her underwear to bed so then she'd HAVE to get out of bed and make her stinkies on the potty.......

It's worked pretty well. We've been doing it for a week now. We'll lay her down and minutes later she's asking to sit on the potty. She does her business and goes to bed. When we go to bed (10-11pm), we change her into a diaper for the night. I have to confess that Brian has been the one to change her into her diaper.....and he says that she doesn't even wake up. Can you imagine someone changing your pants and NOT waking up....

An extra blessing has resulted.......for the past 5 mornings, Anna has woken up with a completely dry diaper......DRY!!!! I thought her diapers were sooo wet in the morning from drinking her water cup all night but it might be from laying in bed for hours before she falls asleep and when she first wakes up.

One down only TWO more to go.....he hehee. And I've been promised that the first one is the hardest! Ohhh I've also heard boys are maybe my potty training challenges are just beginning:) Actually I've already got a plan.....try to potty train Christopher and Lydia this summer...Christopher is showing signs of being ready and Lydia wants to copy everything she sees the other two doing and it might just be training for her.....anyway, that's the plan :)


Mason and Terri's Mom said...

GOOO GRIEF!~ First off, congratulations. I hated those huge "man sized" childrens' poops! THAT is why I started ECing with Terri!

Good luck on the other two!

Drea said...

Thats awesome she is waking up dry.. and wow I cannot imagine getting my diaper changed LOL asleep. Shes a rock hard sleeper thats forsure.

Caleb is great at going potty.. always has been and I think Taite will be the same. Although I got a story to tell you later about Taite ;-) but I think they'll be hard to break with the night pee issues. Im not complaining tho. I was just thankful Caleb was trained before Taite was born! Thats good enough for me. hehe