Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WW: A Little Girl Overcoming a Fear

The Dog Debate continues at our house.

Chris is a DOG-kid! He loves dogs, has asked for a dog and even adopts strays that come into our yard!! And he's been like that for years.

But I have a HUGE list of reasons why we CAN'T get a dog right now....

One of my first reasons is the work of having an animal to care for. The kids barely manage to get their own simple chores completed. And there is no need to add anything to my plate right now, it won't get done:)

My second BIGGER reason, though, has been the girls...

Lydia isa little more cautious with dogs but quickly warms up to them.

But Anna is scared to death of dogs. She screams "bloody murder" if a dog comes into our yard, hides out in the house, or when visiting people with dogs she stays in the car.

If having to walk past a dog we often have to carry her... yes, even at 6.

We've talked about how awful it would be to get a dog that Anna would be fearful of...

but this last week, something has changed. First a neighbor brought over her dog and the kids had a blast chasing around the little dog.... yes, even Anna.

And then on our little visit to a friend's farm on Saturday, Anna became buddies with a new friend

a dog named Iggy.

The dog looks like she's smiling in this picture.
Maybe it's time for me to throw out that "can't" list???

Just so thankful to see my little girl overcoming this fear!! Not to say she loves dogs now, but she's at least understanding that some can be friendly:)

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Jenilee said...

those are sweet pictures :) I am not a dog person either and have a long list of can'ts why we don't have one right now. although I know that one day we will have one again. :)

Shannon said...

My Nacho (4 yrs) loves animals esp. dogs. He asks for one all of the time. I, like you, feel it id not something I can do right now......or ever. Kidding. just not sure. Although I would love to surprise him one day with it. My Opie (7 yrs) doesn't care too much about them and is like Anna with them. He'll eventually warm up to small ones.

I am Harriet said...

That is very sweet!
Have a great day!

Jenny said...

Those are the cutest pics. I'm so happy for her to be overcoming her fear! I am so sad when Abby has anxiety. I'm sure you are very relieved Anna is doing better with dogs.

You'll have a dog within the next month. LOL!

Grammie said...

Don't get one!!!!! Play with other people's dogs. It is just so hard getting someone to take care of it when traveling. And you travel quite a bit!!
Stick to the rabbit idea ...much much easier.

Anonymous said...

How fun!! I am so glad she is overcoming her fear. Dustyn loves our dogs, but if they had to be inside I would not like them. ha ha.

Jaime said...

Just like adults, kids need to be exposed to their fears in order to overcome them. My daughter has fears of some very silly things (like toys) and if I just set them out in a room she'll overcome it in no time.

My personal opinion, though, is to not get a dog. I have one (had him before the kids) and am expecting my third kid and it is the care for the dog that about sends me over the edge.

Anonymous said...

I totally can understand Anna's fear. I was the same like her. But it also came from that at the of 1 year a dog jumped on me while I was playing at a playground! Therefore you should know that dogs are forbidden here at playgrounds. And to give it the top this dog was named "Jenny". So not a good experience for a little girl. But I am also glad that Anna seems to loose her fear...hope it will keep on. It's good to be careful, but it is also good to loose fears.