Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Gemini, Little Church Girls & Owen

As you know I have enjoyed having a Beco, this month I got to try out the Beco Gemini:)

Read the review on SIMPLE and check out some of the giveaways!!

And lately my kids have wanted to quickly finish their school work.... what is soo exciting??? They need to play "school"!!! LOL... we finish school quickly so they can play school:)

This week the girls were singing in the hallway, they were playing church:)I thought it was soo cute that they had even changed into little dresses:)

SOOC Saturday

Have a Great Weekend!!

And Happy 1st Birthday, OWEN:)

Can't believe he is ONE today!!


Drea said...

I thought your review was great and well written! I read the whole thing ;-) even the lil quote at the end abt looking sleepy LOL.

Girls in dresses, thats something I know nothing abt :) - but it sure is cute!

I cant believe Owens 1 either... that went way to fast!!!

Carmen said...

Happy Birthday Owen.

I adore the pictures of your children on your side bar. They are simply precious. We have Children the same age. The Littlest "Along for the Ride" gave me a smile.

Susie B. Homemaker said...

My oldest daughter is in Kindergarten and likes to play school at home also. :p She 'teaches' her 3 yr. old sister, lol.

Marvelous Mommy said...

Very cute pictures! I love the baby carrier! Thanks for linking up today!

Anonymous said...

Pretty girls in dresses, a sight that I don't see around here. Thanks for sharing, :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Love it. :) So funny they finish school to play school.

Ray said...

I remember when I was little and liked to play school and Church. :)
Great shots!