Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TTT & 16 Steps and Counting...

Just sharing a few things that have been heard around our house...

Brian walks through the door after lunch. The kids go running back into their rooms, screaming, "Ahhhhh..... a barbarian is coming!!"


Lately, Lydia has started a new bedtime "routine" for us. She wants us to carry her because she is "soo tired"!!

So last night she does her evening routine then walks into the kitchen (totally across the house) to find me. When she sees me, she gives me THAT look and then says,"MOmmy, can you carry me to my room [which is RIGHT next to the bathroom] I am soo tired??"

Oh, it's cute all right! And she usually gets away with it, probably because their are stories that her Daddy used to use the SAME line!!

It seems like the pre-"walking well" days last sooo long. I remember just waiting forever for Anna and Chris to walk alone... LOL, probably b/c I was preggo with the next baby. But it's been fun to enjoy the pre-walk stage with Nate.... he tried to walk, yet he's still fine being carried, in a stroller or a Beco:)

Finally got a video update of Nate's walking!! I love that he's standing wherever he wants and just going. I did have to bribe him with as ball this time to get the video:) But lately I've caught him walking when he's "alone" in a room as well... those crawling days are numbered :(


Tracey M. said...

I love what you shared! The Barbarian comment is too cute. Sounds like something that would come out of my little one's mouth. He's quite imaginative lately and wanting to include mommy & daddy.

So cute seeing your little one taking some early steps...and precious that your 3-yr-old likes you to carry her. It just touches my heart when my almost 3-yr-old says "uppy mommy?" and extends his arms out. Love them!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Haha! Love this.

Jenny said...

What a cute video! He is so proud of himself too!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

AHHH! Look at the walking!

Wow - love the family shot at the top!!!

One day she won't want you to carry her...might take a few years ;)