Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

The kids have really embraced being in the Medieval Period... Chris is loving all the swords, shields and bows & arrows:) We have regular sword battles and jousting tournaments in our living room, bedrooms and yes, even one at church last week with a new friend (it's ok he was bigger than Chris)!

While bringing lunch to the table the kids came to the table "in character". Lydia was the queen and told Chris when he approached the table that he was to sit.

Chris responded, "Ok, My Highness"

I turned the corner before I chuckled;)

Monday night I fixed dinner at a decent hour 6:20pm. It seemed like we've been having dinner later and later since the time change a couple of weeks ago. So sitting at the table eating while there was daylight still was a little weird. I made a joke about us eating dinner sooo early.

I knew it confused the kids when Anna said," I wonder if the kids are even home from school yet??"

I did like cleaning the kitchen at 7 and having the kids have more time to play outside before getting them cleaned up for bed. But by 8:30, they were already hungry again:)

Nate has been entertaining us by showing us what he understands!!

Our favorite this week was when he would steal the TV remote from the couch and walk up to the TV pointing the remote at it!

Or when he looks up , smiles and says "boo-m" when he falls on his bottom as he attempts to walk!

We have been battling ants.... argh, I hate ants!! They are in the kitchen and our main bathroom! We've battled them ourselves, we called in the professionals and we're battling them ourselves again!!

So I definitely chuckled today when I heard Lydia excitedly call out to Chris, "Hey Chris, come here, you HAVE to see this!! I killed an ant and he broke in half but he's still moving!"

yes, my sweet innocent and gentle little girl:) And I was also very proud she knows what "half" is, too!!


Anonymous said...

I love the your highness comment!! I loved the imitation phase as well :-) Thanks for stopping by!

MaryAnne said...

My Emma loves to break ants in half like that! I hate ant invasions - good luck with that.