Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Families... growing together

July 2008
IMG_3722 copy

February 2011
park - feb 2011
***Chris really wasn't excited about a picture... can you tell ???

And even more fun is that our "littles" have a buddy to play with, too:)

We had fun at a waterfront park yesterday afternoon with Andrea and her crew:)

We took lots of pics to prepare for Nate's 10 month post... can you believe today he is 10 months today!!! Hope to have it up today or tomorrow... it's the season:)


Drea said...

LOL ok did u know i was blogging this or are we having synced blog minds the past few days. :) I love these pictures!!

cant wait to see the ones of Nate

Kelly @ In Everything said...

how could we not both blog these... they are too precious;)

Shannon said...

So sweet. You can see the sweet friendships in the pictures.

Jenny said...


grandma & granddaddy said...

Ten months today---how is it possible that Nate is already this old! Happy 10 month birthday, Nate.